Roots of coincidence bring Udo Demandt and Zoltan together. Udo is an outstanding percussionist, versatile musician and very warm person. He gives a new impulse to performance. Bach and Latin music, Tchaikovsky and Funk, Chopin and Jazz, Hungarian music and New Orleans….

Edina Csullog has a wonderful authentic Hungarian voice.Vocal supported by high quality professionals Udo, Zoltan, Thomas Wigmore (bass) she started express extraordinary taste and colors in what we call today world music. The musicians recently accepted an invitation of the experienced and famous saxophonist

Domagoy Ralasic who intends to present new project for wide range of audience. Also joining the group is Janne Eraker, an professional ballet and tap dancer. New records coming  soon.

Watch videos from our perfomance on 5 December 2010: