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Erwin van Ginkel (B2B Marketing), is a friend of Zoltan Migovics. Together they developed the website zoltanmigovics.com. Erwin is an online marketeer of HiHaHo, an interactive video platform.

What are Interactive Videos?
Interactive videos are edited videos or videos with an extra interactive layer on top of it, used to make learning more fun and more effective. By combining both the visual and theoretical aspect of learning with interactions, teaching and learning become even easier.

How do HiHaHo interactions work?
HiHaHo is a new method of teaching and learning. With HiHaHo, you can start by simply adding a link to an existing video, e.g. from YouTube or Vimeo, and add on to that with an extra interactive layer on top of the video. HiHaHo’s interactions include several types of questions, hotspots, pauses, texts, et cetera. With HiHaHo, you can add an extra layer of interactivity onto a video without having to edit the video itself. HiHaHo already offers many kinds of interactions, with our team working on more ideas every day.