Zoltan was born in 1975 08 03 Munkács, Western Ukraine. He starts playing button accordion since he was 10. After finishing the local music school and the Musical College continued studies at the Ukrainian National Music Academy, where graduated in 1999.

Since September 1999 he worked as a teacher in music school in Turkeve, Hungary. Together with sax player Balogh Otto have been participated in several competitions, among them Jazz 2000 international festival and competition in Budapest where they won 3rd place, also in 2004 the annual accordion competition in Castelfidardo, Italy were won II place.

Lately, actively performing in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Italy. Being an accordionist Zoltan constantly developing skills and repertoire playing in stiles of Jazz, Pop, Funk besides Classical and various Folk music.

Moving to live in Rotterdam Netherlands open a new chapter in musical life. Meeting a lot of good musicians, incredible multicultural atmosphere, different projects, including a music for theater, ballet, also continuing combining Hungarian and other various folk and classical peaces with elements of Latin, Brazilian, Balkan music brings a fresh breath in musical career. Playing together with Gianluca Caporale, Akos Laki, Domagoy Ralasic, Danny Malando and even a jamming with Marcus Miller left incredible musical experiences. Constant trio is Luca Susti (drums), Thomas Wigmore (bass), Edina Csűllőg (vocal) and Zoltan on accordion, with participation of various percussion players.